It’s amazing the lengths that the extreme left-wing “Christian” anti-war movement will go. I just received a press release from a group called CANA UK (Christians against NATO aggression) based in England. It has called for Christians to go to Iraq and join the Fedayeen to fight against US and British forces.

See, in their minds, it was so wrong to fight a war that it’s okay to fight in the war against our side. Make sense? Not to me either. Their hatred for the US and Britain is so disgusting that they actually praise Saddam Hussein and lament the deaths of his evil sons. Here is their web site. Don’t bother going there to actually find anything useful; it is one twisted lie after another and it goes for hundreds of lines on one page. Web design is not their strong suit.

Their thought processes have become so twisted they have taken to calling good evil and evil good. That they would ally themselves with a regime that the Iraqi people themselves have repudiated as having tortured and killed and oppressed them for decades is amazing. I guess there are loonies all over.