Separation of Church and state?!

Separation of Church and state?!

The Washington Post reports today that a judge declined to sentence 3 Catholic gay activists for trespass. Her reason because:

    “Tremendous violence was done to you . . . when the Body of Christ was denied to you,” Edwards said, referring to the contention of the three that refusal of Holy Communion had prompted their actions. “As a member of your church, I ask you to forgive the church.”

Wait a minute! Since when does a judge get to rule on the basis of religious doctrine? Why does she get to judge how the bishops choose to intepret Catholic doctrine and discipline? And why does she get to ignore the law on that basis?

Where’s the ACLU? Where’s Barry Lynn and Americans United for Separation of Church and State? Nowhere to be found near this case because it doesn’t fit into their carefully outlined leftist views. When it’s the Church “trying to impose it views” on the public that’s one thing, but when it’s a liberal activist judge doing the same to the Church, well that’s different.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli