Senate Liberals attack Catholics

Senate Liberals attack Catholics

Are only non-practicing members of traditional religious groups eligible to serve as judges? According to this op-ed in the Wall Street Journal that’s what some Democrat Senators are evidently saying.

Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-NY, has attacked District Court-nominee James Leon Holmes because Holmes is a devout practicing Catholic. Everyone acknowledges his judicial qualifications are impressive, but it’s his religious views, especially on abortion and marriage, that is a problem. Why is it when Republicans nominate a judge because of his stated views it’s called a “litmus test,” but when Democrats do it it’s “a principled objection.”

Holmes’ isn’t the only case of religious discrimination and it won’t be the last. We can only hope that President Bush and Senate Republicans will stand firm against the attempts by Democrats to scuttle the nominations.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli