Self-esteem at any cost

Self-esteem at any cost

A high school in England is doing its part to save the self-esteem of students. It is installing retina-scanning devices so that poor students who get free lunches won’t feel stigmatized. After the expense of installing the devices is passed on to parents (tuition? taxes?), it seems that most kids should be poor enough to qualify, obviating the need for the scanners. Were there no other needs in the school that it could afford to waste the money on this?

What a ridiculous exercise. Kids have been getting free lunches for decades. Was this really a problem? Were kids dropping out of school because others made fun of them? The fact is that kids aren’t stupid. Whether you have a cashless system or not, every student knows who the rich kids are and who the poor ones are. I’m just surprised they didn’t go communist and force the rich kids to pay the lunches of the poor kids.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli