I don’t remember any time since 9/11 that intelligence officials have been so specific about terrorist warnings. The closest thing I remember is a vague warning about attacks on bridges on the West Coast and even then that was because of leaks. But now we have the director of the CIA sitting before Congress telling them that he expects attacks as early as this week, possibly using chemical weapons or a radiological “dirty bomb” and that they’ve heard references to hotels and “the underground” which could be the subway.

They also that hundreds of al Quaida terrorists may still be in the US. When you realize that the hijackers who took off from Boston probably had support staff here who helped them prepare for the attacks, it gets even scarier. Could they launch an attack here? This is the effect of terrorism: the fear of the unknown, of not knowing where and when the next attack will come. You begin to understand how the people in Northern Ireland, England, Israel, and other places felt.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli