Saving marriage

Saving marriage

Law professor Robert George gives a cogent summary of what the Mass. SJC’s gay marriage decision has done to the fight to preserve marriage and then informs us of the options. The only way to prevent a one-vote state judicial majority from imposing gay marriage on the whole country is to pass a constitutional amendment. No federal legislation is going to save it.

One point needs clarification in his op-ed. News reports have been saying that according to current Mass. law, gay couples from other states won’t be able to come here and get married, whatever the law is. That means they can’t go back to their home states and spread the cancer there, by demanding to have their unions legally recognized.

Still, something must be done to save the tattered remnants of family as the foundation for society.

By the way, there was an editorial cartoon in the Boston Herald today with the punchline of “Maybe we should allow gay marriage if it will fix some of the divorce statistics.” Sorry, but even pro-gay marriage activists will admit that fidelity among homosexuals is a myth. If anything the statistics will be getting worse, and that will have divorce lawyers salivating.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli