Revealing discussions

Revealing discussions

Amy Welborn’s summary of the USCCB’s discussions of their homosexuality statement is revealing. One of the bishops offered an amendment to the document that would have endorsed Courage as a ministry to people afflicted with same-sex attraction.  Courage is just about the only fully orthodox ministry to such people that totally supports the Church’s teachings in this area. Yet some call it “divisive” and “controversial” when in fact it is simply faithful.

Thus it is illuminating to see which bishops fought against the amendment and in what terms and which ones supported it. Some bishops actually said they wanted the document to include such useful information to help them in their dioceses. In the end the amendment was defeated although they later approved a footnote mentioning it.

Many orthodox readers have said it’s a good document, accurately reflecting the Church’s teachings, which in a more sane world would be a given when considering a document issued by a national conference of bishops. Still, it seems they still have addressed the “fatal flaws” based on secular research and societal assumptions found by the Catholic Medical Association.

Catering to a tiny minority

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