Representative rhetoric from the protesters

Representative rhetoric from the protesters

Here is a representative sample of the thought process of those organizing sit-ins in churches from, where else, the pages of the Boston Globe.

Hidden behind the wall of church-state separation, this archdiocese has not yet realized that this is democratic, 21st-century America where the messy public likes to be involved in decisions that affect their lives. Openness, accountability, and equality are alien concepts to this medieval church of Boston, which has once again opted for a top-down, unilateral imposition of a decision in which no laity were involved.

Read the whole thing. Every hoary old chestnut, every misinformed opinion and VOTF-inspired piece of baloney is included in the piece. It’s all been said before and I’ve responded to all of his points before, so I won’t rehash it. But this is what passes for intelligent argumentation by these people.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli