Reports of our defeat were greatly exaggerated

Reports of our defeat were greatly exaggerated

A popular uprising in Baghdad, our troops occupying Saddam’s main palaces, Chemical Ali probably dead, Basra mainly in British hands, clear evidence of WMD has been found.

I seem to recall dire predictions of the Chicken Littles the whole way: the “elite” Republican Guard will put up stiff resistance, the Fedayeen will make our supply lines untenable, we have become bogged down 100 miles from Baghdad, the Karbala Gap will be a major battle, we’ll get stuck in urban combat. Every step of the way, every bump in the road became a roadblock. The forces of defeat whispered destruction in our ears, but the American people didn’t hear them. The whole way, 80% of us gave the president 100% support for the aims of victory and liberation.

It isn’t over yet by a long way—Saddam is still out there—but I won’t listen to the harbingers of doom and will instead trust in our professional and excellent military forces and our Commander in Chief to accomplish the goal.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli