Remember: it’s not about homosexuality

Remember: it’s not about homosexuality

Although the John Jay Criminal College researchers compiling the massive report on the scope of the Scandal to be released at the end of the month now say that a version found by CNN is an old draft with old data, I don’t see how the numbers could go down. If anything, they’ll only be worse.

With that in mind, one of the most startling revelations so far, and one that is destined to get little press, is that 78 percent of victims were between 11 and 17. That is, they were not the victims of pedophiles, but of ephebophiles, and to the extent that the vast majority of them were male, their abusers were homosexuals.

Giving us a graphic illustration of the problem and the subsequent life in denial of certain Church officials, Diogenes has given us a series of quotes from news stories in which homosexual abusers were revealed, interspersed with the denials of the priest who was supposed to be treating most of these abusers. (Start with the linked entry and read down to the following entries.)

It is startling to be presented with these all at once rather than over time as we first saw them.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli