Quick, more gays!

Quick, more gays!

Finding a theme in the the Boston Globe today, we now learn that we need more gays for our cities to be truly healthy.

    One of Detroit’s biggest developers has been advertising vacant lofts in local gay publications, taking a lesson from the economic rejuvenation of this nearby suburb and trying to lure gay residents to move into the city.

    “It’s very true that Ferndale hit its stride because of the positive influence of gays,” said David Farbman, president and chief executive of the Farbman Group, a real estate corporation that advertised the lofts. “In order for Detroit to expedite what it can become, it has to have a strong gay community.”

The reconstruction of society continues apace. Tell us that what we need to survive as a civilization is just that which will destroy us—immorality, abortion, contraception, homosexuality, rampant unrestrained sexuality, common-senseless multiculturalism, collectivism, and so on. Do they really want to destroy society or are they just so blind to the realities that they think that which destroys really builds up?

What the article claims is that gays bring culture, economic prosperity, a decrease in crime, and a just better environment. What pap! Can you imagine if the article said that Detroit needs to attract more whites because they’ll bring culture, economic prosperity, and the rest? Liberals hate stereotyping except when it puts them in a good light or advances their cause.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli