Protecting identities

Protecting identities

The Diocese of Davenport is fighting to prevent a judge’s order that would open its records over the past 50 years. The diocese claims the order would force the Church to reveal the identities of people who came forward with complaints they would remain confidential. Remember that most of these claims have long passed the statute of limitations. Now here’s where I have a real problem: the guy bringing the lawsuit at the root of the judge’s order is doing so as a “John Doe.”

I’m sorry, but there should be one of two conditions placed on the document release. Either the names and identifying details in the reports should be redacted out or the complainant should be forced to reveal his identity.

On the other hand, I think those diocesan records should be opened up to scrutiny. As we’ve seen, certain kinds of secrecy in the Church have aided and abetted the cover-up and more abuse in the Scandal.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli