Proper care and feeding of husbands

Proper care and feeding of husbands

In a review of Dr. Laura’s new book, “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands”, syndicated columnist Rebecca Hagelin gets to the heart of why some marriages and families are in such dire straits today. Now, much of the problem can be traced to me themselves; they can mess things up badly in so many ways. But women can bear some of the blame themselves. In the book, Dr. Laura makes the point that many husbands just don’t feel loved by their wives, women who are too busy to make time for their husbands or too harried with the concerns of everyday life, caring for the children, keeping house, going to work, and so on. Yet, in many cases even if the husbands profiled in this book jump in and do their share of the household duties, they still don’t feel loved.

Men are simple creatures. They want a wife who not only loves but also appreciates them. They want to be the hero, to rescue the damsel in distress and keep her and their children safe and secure and happy.

Yet, with the rise of feminism and the “me, myself and I” mindset of many women, wives often prevent their husbands from becoming the heroes they so desperately want to be and unwittingly relegate them to the status of water boy. The result is profound sadness and disappointment for both parties, as well as for the children they share.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli