Pro-aborts backpedaling

Pro-aborts backpedaling

Pro-aborts are baclpedaling away from comments made by a National Organization for Women chapter president on the double-murder charge in the Laci Peterson case. The NOW national president says it was inappropriate to comment on the case (not that the sentiment was wrong). Other pro-aborts find the original comments unacceptable.

But I find it helpful for the pro-life cause because what it does is show the hypocrisy of our current laws and the contradictions in most Americans’ minds when they contemplate unwanted unborn children vs. wanted ones.

“They (NOW) are doing themselves no favors by raising this issue. They look ridiculous,” said Katy Raymond of Belton, Mo., a mother of three children who said her pro-life views were cemented after having a miscarriage.

I couldn’t agree more.