Priorities: Politicking or direction action?

Priorities: Politicking or direction action?

In the latest crisis for Terri Schiavo, has anyone heard any bishop speak for her life? How about her own bishop, Robert Lynch?

Yet, they can seem to find time to tell Congress that they need to take more money from families in the form of taxes and make government even bigger and more intrusive than it is. I find this statement by Bishop Skylstad particularly ironic: “Our nation needs a genuinely bipartisan commitment to focus on the common good of all and on the special needs of the poor and vulnerable in particular.” Hmm, yes, we need to focus on the poor an vulnerable, but only insofar as Congress allocates more taxpayers dollars for them. And who is the biggest taxpayer-funded social services agency? Catholic Charities, of course.

Meanwhile, who is poorer and more vulnerable than Terri Schiavo?

Glad to see they have their priorities straight.