Priest tried to slander Keating

Priest tried to slander Keating

Gov. Frank Keating says a priest tried to publicly humiliate him by spreading lies about him. Keating said a letter was spread about that made it’s way to leaders of the US bishops’ conference. It said he had a mistress and didn’t go to Mass. He says it was one of the things that led him to quit from the National Review Board.

Keating didn’t give the name of the letter’s author, but said it was written by the vicar general of Oklahoma City. There are two men who hold that title, but one is in a nursing home.

[Father Edward] Weisenburger released a statement Tuesday night saying Kastner is in a nursing home and “could not have been involved.” Regarding his own role, Weisenberger said only that, “I am unaware of Governor Keating contacting Archbishop (Eusebius) Beltran or myself about a letter purported to have been written by the vicar general of the Oklahoma City Archdiocese to the Vicar General of the Chicago Archdiocese, whom I do not know.” Asked in a phone interview whether he was denying having written the letter, Weisenburger declined to comment further.

Now there’s a non-denial denial worthy of Bill Clinton. Notice Weisenberger never says he didn’t write it, but that he was unaware of Keating contacting him or the bishop about it. Have the courage of your actions, man. If you didn’t do it, say so. And if you did do it, own up to it since it will all come out anyway.

It’s also interesting that board members are now saying that Keating wasn’t doing a good job. The current chairman, Justice Anne Burke of Chicago says Keatingh missed meetings, left early, and “wasn’t totally involved in the board’s substantive work.” Keating also had some harsh words for the board, saying they had little regard for victims. Is this the sign of an ideological split within the original board?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli