Priest fires back at archdiocese spokesman

Priest fires back at archdiocese spokesman

Father Robert Altier, the Minneapolis priest ordered to end certain public apostolates because of persistent criticism of archdiocesan policies, has responded to a recent letter about him by the archdiocesan spokesman. This would be the first time Fr. Altier has spoken out publicly (although the letter is addressed to the spokesman and I’m not sure he intended it to go public). And it’s certainly strongly worded. Here’s what the spokesman, Dennis McGrath, said in part:

Here are the facts: Late last year, Father Altier wrote a letter to Archbishop Flynn, as he is required to do by canon law, upon the completion of one year of doing a column on the Desert Voice site and voicing his views weekly on a Relevant Radio program.

Father had indeed frequently and inappropriately (if not disobediently) criticized the archbishop and archdiocesan leaders (and not simply on the VIRTUS child protection/education program). The archbishop responded to that request by Father Altier with a kind and non-confrontational letter directing him to take a break from his radio and web site commentaries to concentrate on his pastoral work. There was no ‘silencing’ or ‘censuring’ involved.

And Fr. Altier responded, after noting the McGrath accused his correspondent of egregious mistakes and bias:

Father’s response

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