Press conference about Cardinal Law’s resignation

Press conference about Cardinal Law’s resignation

There is a press conference right now. Here are some of my observations.

1. The cardinal is returning to Boston this weekend.
2. One reporter acted petulant when told that Bishop Lennon wouldn’t be able for interviews. “Why won’t he be able available?” she whined. Maybe because he’ll be a little too busy running things?
3. An apostolic administrator is different than a diocesan administrator. He has all the rights to run the diocese, where a diocesan administrator doesn’t have the ability to make hardly any changes, including legislation, naming pastors, etc.
4. The appointment of Lennon as apostolic administrator, to me, means we shouldn’t expect a new archbishop anytime soon, at least 30 days. That’s speculation on my part and it couldn’t happen tomorrow, but I don’t expect it. I think it extremely unlikely that he will be named archbishop.
5. Why Lennon? The spokesmen say it’s because Lennon has been involved in the every day business of the archdiocese and dealing with the Scandal. It doesn’t answer the question why him and not the other auxiliaries.
6. I’ve been talking with people: Lennon is well-respected, has been cleaning up the seminary, used to be vice chancellor. They are saying don’t expect a new archbishop for a long time, until the furor dies down, about six months to a year or more.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli