Pope speaks to US bishops

Pope speaks to US bishops

The Pope gave his first ad limina address to US bishops yesterday. He told them that he would speak to the US bishops about the threefold mission of the bishop: to teach, to govern, to sanctify. He emphasized the necessity for bishops to seek personal holiness in order to bring about effective reform, that in order for the Church to be reformed, the bishops have to reform themselves first.

He acknowledged the Scandal, of course, as well as the hostile climate that makes it difficult to speak out for the truth. In other words, they’ll be hearing a lot more of this: “How can you talk about [whatever]? Priests abuse children!!” Non sequitur? Yes, but that’s what passes for discourse in this country.

I especially liked what Bettnet reader GOR said in the comments on the CWN site: “From which I gather the Holy Father is saying that hiring a PR firm is not the way to go for “rebuilding confidence and promoting healing”…” I can’t wait until Cardinal Mahony shows up for his ad limina.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli