(Political) life goes on

(Political) life goes on

Mass. Senator John Kerry, showing that despite war and the bounds of good taste, unleashes on President Bush, telling Americans not to cut the president any slack just because we’re at war. Instead, he says, Bush is failing domestic issues. Plus he engages in the classic tactic of confusing completely different issues.

    “My friends, if we can find $6 billion to get Turkey to join a war, we can fund the schools of Manchester and Concord and Keene and a host of other places in this country.”

Funny, I didn’t think funding for local schools came from the federal budget. I thought it came from the state and town governments. What John Kerry wants is the US federal government to micromanage the lives of its citizens while ignoring threats against them from abroad; to focus so intently on controlling our lives that we become blind to what threatens us from abroad. Of course, that changes when a Democrat is in the White House; then bombing foreign countries becomes okay.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli