Pervert priests the norm?

Pervert priests the norm?

Now this just goes too far. David Clohessy of the victim group SNAP wants you to believe that the majority of priests are abusers and perverts. That’s downright calumny.

    In a January press conference, Law said he could not approximate the total number of priests who have been removed amid abuse allegations, saying only that it was “a very small minority.”

    But Clohessy disputed that. “Law was simply not telling the truth. There can be no explanation,” he said. “I think he wanted us to believe that the Shanley and Geoghan patterns were aberrations,” he said of jailed problem priests John J. Geoghan and Paul R. Shanley. “But this obviously shows that they’re the norm, not the aberration.”

Okay, he could be saying that pattern of how the cases were handled were not aberrations, but if so, then it’s the Boston Herald’s fault for being misleading in how the article was phrased.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli