Paper vs. paper

Paper vs. paper

Today, the Boston Herald has an article about Paul Edwards’ accusations against the late Fr. William Cummings and the living Msgr. Michael Foster.

The interesting undercurrent to this whole story is the rivalry between the Herald and the Boston Globe. When Edwards’ lawsuit was first withdrawn, the Globe publicized all the accusations against Edwards, calling him a “self-described paraplegic” and generally discrediting everything he said. In, I believe, November, after Foster had been reinstated for the second time, the Herald came out with a story that said that just about everything Edwards had claimed about himself was true. (It still couldn’t explain away the fact that Edwards claim of being abused on an overnight trip couldn’t have been true, because the trip he recalled was a day trip.)

Now as you read the stories that the two papers print about Edwards, you can’t help but notice that they seem to be more about discrediting the other paper and elevating themselves, than they are about the truth of the allegations.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli