Our guys in Iraq

Our guys in Iraq

image A friend sends me this email from a friend of his who is an FBI agent now serving in Iraq. I don’t think any of this is classified (since he’s sending it to a large group of friends) so I want to share it with you to get a sense of what it’s really like there:
“Today is Day 32 in the “BAGH”. For all of you playing along at home, please remove the Ace of Spades from your deck of Iraqi hero cards and put a big red “X” through it. It has been a very good day in Iraq. Now that #1 is in custody, hopefully all the knuckleheads who have been wreaking havoc will crawl back into their holes. We expect to hear alot of celebratory fire tonight, some may include a round or two by the men and women with the stars and stripes patch on their shoulders. Things are going fine for me. .... Last night I stayed over at a Company Outpost and conducted a couple of interviews. This Company was part of a Tank Battalion. I asked the Company Commander if I could take a look at the inside of one of the tanks, he said I’ve got one better, why don’t you join a few of my guys who are going out on a night patrol. So there I was cruising through downtown Baghdad in a M1A1 Abrams Tank. I was the Baddest Man in Town. Pretty cool stuff. (Don’t worry Mom, that tank is the safest place to be in Iraq.

I’ve attached a photo of me taken in front of the Martyrs Memorial. It is the Iraqi version of the Vietnam Wall. It was dedicated to the over 1 million Iraqis killed during their war with Iran. The sad thing was that the Iraqi citizens could not visit the memorial, it was only accessible to the Senior Ba’ath Party members.”

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