Open your files!

Open your files!

A friend was on a TV show the other day with Steve Krueger from Voice of the Faithful. Krueger actually said that he wants the personnel files of every priest in every diocese released for public perusal. So much for supporting priests of integrity.

If this isn’t a witch hunt, what is? I can hear the obvious retort: “Well, if they don’t have anything to hide, why should they care?” Would you want every thing you’ve ever done, put out there for public exposure? Every time you’ve ever made a mistake—not a crime, mind you, but a mistake. What if a priest had a problem with alcohol addiction? He went to a treatment center, goes to AA, and has been on the wagon for 20 years. Why should that be made public?

Beware of VOTF and other so-called reformers. They’re not done with the resignation of Cardinal Law. They feel the rush of their perceived power and want more. They won’t be satisified until they’ve destroyed the priesthood—or at least neutered it.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli