Only in the West

Only in the West

Christian leaders in Utah, including the bishop of Salt Lake City, are protesting a gun ban registration law. The state passed a law this year that gives churches permission to ban legal concealed weapons in their houses of worship, but then required the churches to register their bans with the state.

The religious leaders say that they do indeed ban guns in church, but retort that it’s not up to the state to tell them that they can do it or that they have to let the state know they’ve done it.

This would seem to be another case of violation of the separation of church and state, yet we don’t hear the usual suspects lining up on behalf of churches. That’s because gun bans are part of their liberal canon and their principles don’t really allow them to oppose one liberal precept in order to actually protect churches from interference. What they’re really about is preventing interference of churches in society.

Of course, only in the Wild West (and maybe the South) would people carrying their guns into church be a problem.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli