Oh, well that’s different

Oh, well that’s different

A federal judge reversed his stance on a Mass. abortion clinic buffer zone law, and decided to uphold it because he said it is equally applied to both pro-lifers and pro-aborts.

The law prohibits leaflets, signs, oral protest, or “counseling” within six feet of a person passing through and 18-foot zone around abortion clinic doors. Got that? Pro-lifers objected to the law saying that it only prevents pro-lifers from talking to women entering abortion clinics, but it doesn’t stop abortion clinic escorts. That’s not equal protection under the law, they argued, and the judge agreed at first.

But now he says that the state attorney general, “Liveshot” Tom Reilly, has informed him that police have been told that escorts can’t use their exemption under the law to “express their views about abortion.” Yeah, as if the act of escorting the women into the clinic is not an expression of their views on abortion. And in that case, if they can escort the women, why can’t the pro-life women also walk silently in that zone? The escorts aren’t there for protection—that’s what the cops on detail are for—they’re there to make sure the “customer” gets in the door.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli