Not so bad in Boston

Not so bad in Boston

Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto reports that warnings that Boston would not be friendly to Fox News were exaggerated and that, in fact, he received warm greetings. For one thing, I think FNC is just as popular in Boston as it is elsewhere and for another radical liberals make up a much smaller percent of the population than I think most people realize. Sure, you have the most radical liberals in and around academia, especially in the People’s Republic of Cambridge. But apart from that, you generally have your typical blue-collar liberal Democrats, and i think they’re realizing that Fox is not as “biased” as liberals say it is.

And that has liberals scared. Why else would you have books and even movies coming out denouncing Fox as biased for conservatives. I think that will backfire as the average Joe sits down to watch Fox and asks himself what all the hullabaloo is about. Perhaps he will even see that Fox isn’t biased, and then ask himself what the liberals are all so afraid of. And maybe then he’ll begin learn how the rest of the media has been so biased for so long.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli