Not relevant, again

Not relevant, again

In the post from earlier today about Paul Edwards, and his accusations against Fr. William Cummings and Msgr. Michael Foster, it mentions that Cummings is now dead. Now, the Boston Globe, in all its articles about Cummings, Edwards, and Foster, never mentions what Cummings died of. A reader who was in Cummings’ last parish tells me that it was well known that Cummings died of AIDS and that at one point during the 1980s he left the priesthood for a time and openly lived the homosexual lifestyle.

The Globe didn’t think that was significant? After all, it would show that Cummings was attracted to males and indulged his attraction. That would lend a little weight to Edwards’ accusation, even though it’s not conclusive. Oh, but of course it would undermine the Globe‘s house policy that the Scandal has nothing to do with homosexuality and all stories must be purged of anything that would lead to a different conclusion.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli