No “Skin” off my nose

No “Skin” off my nose

After sitting through dozens of commercials for the new TV show with the stupidest and most pandering concept, my prediction has come true: “Skin” has been canceled. It was billed as a modern-day Romeo & Juliet (I wish Shakespeare’s descendants could sue for defamation of character and plagiarism) with the son of a self-righteous and scheming district attorney falling in love with the daughter of his dad’s nemesis, a porn kingpin.

Everything about this screamed “sleazy” and “unbelievable.” The DA only cared about the porn kingpin insofar as it helped his politics. The porn kingpin protested at being an honest businessmen even as he railed about some guy having sex with his teenage daughter. Hypocrisy anyone?

You may ask, “Dom, how do you know so much about this show?” No, I haven’t seen it. But after sitting through commercials for it dozens of times during the baseball playoffs, how could I not know all about it?

At least “24” seems good this season.