No rest for the angry

No rest for the angry

James Carroll, op-ed writer and former priest, is so obsessed with liberal guilt that he can’t even be thankful. His self-hatred for being an American and his other-hatred for George Bush are so pervasive that he can’t put aside the drum upon which he beats out the war dance against his enemies for one day, for Thanksgiving.

He can’t set aside the false idea of liberal “multi-culti diversity” to even bring himself to acknowledge that there is a God to whom we should give thanks. He worries that to thank God—if He exists and he’s not saying that God does exist lest he offend some atheist—is to acknowledge the good things about America and we can’t have that. We must not acknowledge that there is any good in America or we risk jingoism and nationalism. We risk telling other countries that there may be something deficient in their way of life or their government, that their totalitarian regime may somehow be lacking in comparison to a democratic republic. Mustn’t hurt their self-esteem.

How wearying it must be to be an angry liberal. There are no holidays for them, especially Thanksgiving.