No indictments against any Boston bishops

No indictments against any Boston bishops

Well, well, well. After all this time and all the speculation, the Mass. attorney general announced that there would be no indictments against Cardinal Law or any other bishops as part of the Scandal. AG Tom Reilly, who middle name should be “grandstanding,” as much as admitted in April that there would be no basis for an indictment, but he kept the investigation alive. I’m sure he’s greatly disappointed at the lost opportunity to parade some bishops before the cameras in handcuffs so he could then assure the public that he’s on the job.

The main reason cited for the lack of indictments is that until last year, clergy were not “mandated reporters,” i.e. required by law to report suspected child abuse.

When the final report is issued, we should get some insight into what said during the grand jury probe. Sometimes grand jury testimony can be more revealing than civil depositions because of the nature of the proceedings and the fact that the witness is not allowed to have a lawyer next to him objecting to everything. The report is expected by the end of this week because Reilly’s office wants Archbishop-designate O’Malley to have it before his installation.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli