New Feature: Forums!

New Feature: Forums!

I just added a new feature to my blog. I now have a discussion forum or bulletin boards. My goal is to move interesting threads or conversations to there after they begin to scroll off the main page. That way we can continue the conversation.

There are three sections: General Discussion for news, announcements, and off-topic stuff; Bettnet Talk for discussion about posts and other information on my website; and St. Blog’s Talk for discussion of anything else going on around the “parish”.

I’ll try to highlight the interesting threads that are over there as well as suggest moving certain topics from here to there.

I have no idea if people will want this. I did it mainly as a technology demonstrator for myself, to see how easy or hard it would be to set up. If people like it, fine. If it remains a ghost town, okay. Let me know what you all think.

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Domenico Bettinelli