All you need to know

All you need to know

Now it’s abuse by nuns. Here’s all you need to know:

    Myra Hidalgo was 12 when she met Sr. Cheryl Porte, a young, charming nun who was her teacher at Opelousas Catholic Middle School in Southwest Louisiana. Porte, a member of the Marianites of the Holy Cross, taught her about link> Fri, 01 Nov 2002 10:09:49 -0600

    A Voice of the Faithful group and Faithful Voice met in a Boston-area parish but the meeting quickly ended. (the story will only be there today, I think) It was supposed to be an attempt to heal the rift in the parish, but the Faithful Voice representatives left the meeting not long after it started. The FV people were evidently disgusted by the VOTF people’s insistence on bringing up issues of unchangeable Church doctrine and wacky proposals.

      “We are very disappointed there was no discussion. The parish council did their part to bring us together and we were hoping it would bear fruit,” said John Vellante, who was joined by Stacey Quealey and Kathleen Potter in representing the Voice of the Faithful.

      They said that an open and vocal community included the willingness to consider ideas because that makes the church more open and accessible.

      “We all believe that we are part of the body of Christ. We help each other with the truth. I think it is important to encourage openness,” said Potter.

    The goal of the Church is not to be open and accessible, but to be the source of grace, and truth, and light for the world. “Do not conform yourselves to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and pleasing and perfect.” Romans 12:2. The point is not the change the Church to be more suitable to the world, but to change the world.

    As for all of us being part of the body of Christ, it’s true, but each part has its own role to play. The bishops discern truth and interpret revelation, that is their role. The head should not try to be the arm, and the arm should not try to be a leg. It seems to me that today, all too many parts of the body are trying to be the arse.

    By the way, Carol McKinley has a behind-the-scenes report of what happened.