My pal Superman

My pal Superman

As a kid I loved comic books. At one time I had a big cardboard box full of Superman, Richie Rich, Spiderman, Flash, and other comics. (All of which would be worth a fortune today on eBay if my mom hadn’t thrown them out because I was spending too much time with them. Aargh!) The best part was imagining that you were a superhero yourself, saving the day, protecting society from criminals, and being an all-around good guy. Barring that, the next best thing would be having a superhero as your best friend. Well, in a series of short web films,  Jerry Seinfeld imagines just that.

They’re extended commercials for American Express, but first of all they’re entertaining and funny. I got a kick out of them. Maybe you will too. Here’s a quick tip: If the Flash thing doesn’t work too well, click on the HTML link. That worked much better for me.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli