My new Food Network show

My new Food Network show

Okay, not really, but if I could have my own Food TV show it would be about kitchen gear. That’s the one thing they’re missing. There’s all kinds of information on cooking food, but very little about getting the right equipment to cook with. Alton Brown does a little of it in his show, Good Eats, but I’d like more.

For example, choosing the right pots and pans, what all the pots and pans do. Comparing appliances like microwaves, food processors, and even esoteric stuff like vacuum sealers and ice cream makers. How about other kitchen gadgets like spatulas, thermometers, knives, and so on. There’s dozens of potential episodes in that. I checked the Food Network site. They only accept show ideas from production companies. Anyone know a production company willing to accept an idea? I don’t want anything for it, except to be able to watch and get the good info.

Mmm, good eats. Mmmm, food TV.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli