Must be VOTF day

Must be VOTF day

I swear, I’m not searching for stuff on VOTF today, it’s just popping up all over. This time Kelly Clark tells us that Voice of the Faithful planned a special media event on Monday, January 6, Feast of the Epiphany at Boston’s Cathedral of the Holy Cross. What, you didn’t see in tthe papers or on the news? That’s because it was a non-event. Read her whole blog, but here’s the best part.

The VOTF-ers, trying to glom on to the symbolism of the Three Magi bringing gifts to the Christ Child, brought gifts to the cathedral. So Kelly called to ask what was in the gift boxes and where they were now. It turns out the six people who showed up had empty, gift-wrapped boxes with various words on them, at least one of which was labeled “wisdom.” How appropriate.

All that VOTF had to offer the Church as their gift to Christ was an empty box labeled “wisdom.”

I don’t know what my job here is if VOTF is going to de-construct and make fun of itself.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli