Movie night

Movie night

I went to the movies last night with some friends (Hi Heidi and Noelle!) and we saw the “Italian Job.” I have to say I was pleased with the movie. Any good caper movie has to have twists and turns in the plot, a very complex puzle to figure out, it has to have good action and good humor. This movie had it all. What it didn’t have was nudity, sex on screen (there’s the implication of someone having had sex in one scene), or a lot of bad language. Donald Sutherland made the most of a small role and Charlize Theron .... well, her acting wasn’t the greatest, but she sure looked good.

I wish I owned a Mini Cooper dealership. The little Euro-rockets have a starring role in the film and everyone is sure to want one. I wonder if the real ones have even close to the performance in them that we see in the movie.

Overall, a good movie.