Most Americans believe, but does it make a difference?

Most Americans believe, but does it make a difference?

In a way, it’s kind of sad that this is news: 79 percent of Americans believe the Virgin Birth is a reality. Newsweek polled Americans on religious beliefs and some high percentages came in on the various questions. Still, it’s sad that this is even news, but I suppose in this day and age of cynicism and skepticism and de-bunking of faith, it’s good to know that people still believe.

The poll also said 82 percent of people believe Jesus Christ is God or the Son of God (although that should be a distinction without a difference for the purposes of this poll; I think what they’re really asking is whether Jesus is divine, but I wonder if for some respondents being the Son of God is different from being divine.) Still 82 percent is high and it shows that there is fertile ground for evangelization. The first step for more than 80 percent of the people is done; acknowledging who Jesus is. Now they need to take next step: what does that mean for me?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli