More WMD news from Iraq

More WMD news from Iraq

Fox News embedded reporter Rick Leventhal is reporting that the Marines he is traveling with have found a truck that may have been a mobile bio-lab. The report is preliminary, but what they found is a truck that looks like the radar system for a surface-to-air missile battery, but it has a false wall inside. Behind the false wall there are a series of bin and control equipment and other materials that make them think it might have been used for the production or transportation of chemical or biological weapons.

Meanwhile, the Marines at al Tuwaitha mentioned in yesterday’s post believe they have found enriched plutonium. That would a significant find since enriched plutonium is only made in a breeder reacter, something we didn’t think Saddam had. If this is true, does Saddam have a secret reactor—something he wouldn’t have been able to build without outside help—or did he get the material from outside his country? In either case, it raises serious questions about where it all came from and perhaps will explain why some of our “allies” were so opposed to this war in the first place.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli