More pro-abortion Catholic college activism

More pro-abortion Catholic college activism

A few months ago there was much furor over Catholic colleges listing links to pro-abortion organizations and abortion clinics on their web sites. (I humbly lay claim to having started the furor with my blog after having been made aware of the links at the University of San Francisco by an alumnus.)

The resulting publicity and outrage caused a swell of changes by numerous Catholic colleges as they removed the offending links. (No word on whether the underlying attitudes were changed; pessimistically, I say probably not.) So what about when pro-abortion groups link to Catholic colleges.

By that, I mean listings such as this one by These are colleges which have active feminist alliance groups, which promote abortion and all kinds of other issues contrary to Church teaching. And at least two Catholic colleges are listed there: Georgetown University in Washington, DC, and Edgewood College in Wisconsin. There may be others that I don’t recognize as Catholic. Why are Catholic colleges allowing themselves to be listed as approving affiliates of an organization so diametrically opposed to Church teaching?

Meanwhile, Georgetown provides aid and assistance to homosexual activism and pornography with a list of links to gay resources on its web site. Its claim that the presence of such links on its web server doesn’t represent an endorsement by the university, would they make a similar claim if the links were for a Nazi group? What about a racist group? The fact is, by not actively objecting to such information—information that does not simply try to help people struggling with homosexuality, but which glorifies it—it is tacitly endorsing it. If Georgetown rented office space to the American Nazi Party, there’d be no end to the objections and protests. How is this different?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli