More from the “money doesn’t solve everything” file

More from the “money doesn’t solve everything” file

Some abuse victims in Louisville are objecting to a proposed settlement with the archdiocese that gives 40 percent of the money to the lawyers. some people are upset at the lawyers’ cut, others are upset that the settlement leaves individuals at the archdiocese unpunished, and still others are complaining of divisions between victims who’ve already received settlements and those who haven’t.

Turner, who was abused by Miller when the priest was assigned to St. Aloysius in Pewee Valley, referred to bonding with the Holy Spirit victims as older brothers. “Until it got to the money, it was an awesome group,” he said.

I have a feeling that a lot of these victims had been convinced by their lawyers that once they settled with the archdiocese and got their big settlements, they would feel all better. But now they don’t.

They are now realizing that justice does not come with a dollar sign attached, that healing doesn’t come through litigation, and that at the end of the day their lawyers are really looking out for Number One.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli