Maybe they’re looking for more money

Maybe they’re looking for more money

Check out this paean to Bill Richardson, current governor of New Mexico and former Clinton UN ambassador and secretary of energy.

    Before becoming New Mexico’s governor, Bill Richardson earned a reputation for using tenacity and charm to win the freedom of Americans in North Korea, Iraq, Sudan and elsewhere. The former U.N. ambassador and energy secretary in the Clinton administration, known for his knack for winning the trust of negotiating partners, followed one cardinal rule: Always show respect. Experts say Richardson’s diplomatic experience is probably behind North Korea’s decision to select him as an intermediary between it and the United States.

Tenacity, charm, and wit? Can you imagine an Associated Press reporter saying any Bush administration official has tenacity, charm, and wit? Perhaps the real reason North Korea wanted Bill Richardson as mediator is that they’re hoping to be given another 6 billion dollars (or however many billion it was) to pretend to stop their nuclear program while they secretly continue to produce nukes. after all if they were able to dupe Richardson before, why can’t they do it again?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli