Maybe they’re going to be honest

Maybe they’re going to be honest

It seems Father Walter Cuenin, one of the main supporters of Voice of the Faithful and the leader of the Boston Priests’ Forum, may just become honest with himself and others and leave the Church. From the “Pastor’s Corner” in the weekly bulletin of Our Lady Help of Christians Parish in Newton, Mass. (thanks to Carol McKinley for the link):

    The crisis in the church has forced all of us to take a new look at the church. Do we want to stay with the Church? What kind of church do we want to belong to? This Town Meeting will be an opportunity for us to gather and to discuss these questions. We have invited a facilitator, Bernie Swain, who helped us when St. Jean?s was merging with Our Lady?s. He will assist the parish pastoral council in the running of the event.

Do they want to stay with the Church? So they’re considering leaving. That’s very interesting. As for what kind of church they want to belong to, if their public statements so far are any indication, it’s not the Catholic Church.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli