Manchester Diocese paid out $18.8 million

Manchester Diocese paid out $18.8 million

An independent accounting of the Diocese of Manchester’s finances show some interesting facts. For one, the diocese has paid out $18.8 million since July 2001 for abuse claims. That’s equivalent to 28 percent of the diocese’s assets, but the figure is a little misleading since 40 percent was covered by insurance settlements while the rest came from loans and other funds.

The report also said parish donations were down 5 percent last year, but that could be attributable to the bad economy. It’s certainly not the massive drop in donations from parishioner revolts that some had predicted.

It also seems that Bishop McCormack will survive the disclosures about his roles in Manchester and Boston in ignoring the predation by perverts like Paul Shanley. That is, unless further damning evidence against him comes out. He’s still about 7 years away from mandatory retirement.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli