Mainstream Peace Protesters, Out of Touch Pro-lifers

Mainstream Peace Protesters, Out of Touch Pro-lifers

NBC‘s Today Show has an interesting take on objectivity. According to the Media Research Center, the Today Show on Saturday parrotted back the “peace” march organizers’ characterization of the participants as “grandparents,” “students,” “soccer moms,” and even “Republicans.” Of course, a more objective observer would have seen the American Communist Party, the Socialist Party, various anarchist groups, and the typical crowd you get at most liberal protests these days.

However, on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, as tens of thousands of real grandmothers, students, soccer moms, and even Democrats—in other words the real mainstream of America—gathered in Washington for the March for Life, Today decided to find the extremists.

    Today brought on reporter Kelly O’Donnell in Buffalo, who thought that the perfect way to lead in to the March for Life was to publicize fans of killing abortionists.

    O’Donnell explained: “This Buffalo women’s clinic once again finds itself at the intersection of debate over abortion. A pro-life group called the Army of God says it will protest here today, while the clinic vows to remain open with security even greater than normal, measures taken after painful experience.” That painful experience? O?Donnell recalled:  “1998, a Buffalo physician who performed abortions, Dr. Barnett Slepian, was gunned down inside his home in front of his family. Today, supporters of James Kopp, the man who confessed to the killing, have come to Buffalo to claim the shooting was justified.”

And so they chose to focus on a few fringe loonies who think killing is pro-life, but we never hear from them about the fringe loonies who misrepresent the causes they think are worthy.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli