Let the doomsayers show their ineptitude

Let the doomsayers show their ineptitude

For months and in recent days, all Americans—the whole world—have heard the dire predictions of Clinton-era ex-generals and liberal journalists of a quagmire in Iraq. We heard how the Iraqi people would fight to defend the last blade of grass on behalf of Saddam. It would be another Vietnam. Just 18 months ago we hard the same dire warnings about Afghanistan and that the legendary fierce fighters who defeated the superpower Soviet Union would do the same to us. But the American people weren’t listening.

Sure there were the high-profile protests, especially in the big, liberal cities, but over the past month, 80% of Americans supported the goals of the war and President Bush’s leadership. The pundits were ignored.

I say, let the sages of disaster prattle on every time our country faces a momentous task, hoping for once they’ll be right. In the meantime, every time they’re wrong, the American people—and the world—will learn the lesson again and again, that the prophets of doom are not to be trusted.

Let them show the bankruptcy of their motives and the emptiness of their ideologies. Perhaps there is hope for our country yet.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli