Laghi meets with Bush

Laghi meets with Bush

It appears nothing unusual resulted from the meeting between President Bush and Cardinal Laghi. A couple of things to note: Neither the letter from the Pope nor Cardinal Laghi specifically asked Bush not to go to war. They wouldn’t since the Church’s tradition is that the final determination of whether a war will be just sits with the civil leader who is in the best position to have all the information available to him.

Also, the article incorrectly states the Pope has said the war “would be neither morally nor legally justified.” The Pope doesn’t speak to the legality of issues, and he has not flat out said any war could not be morally justified for the same reasons I said in the paragraph above.

As for anything else that might have been brought up in the meeting, we’ll just have to see what the Pope has up his sleeve.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli