Kerry referrer spamming?

Kerry referrer spamming?

Is John Kerry’s campaign spamming blog referrers? I go through my server logs most every day to look for anomalies and to see who’s linking to my site, through referral logs.

I’ve noticed that one of the latest ways spammers have devised to get people to their web sites is to provide spurious referrers, that is it appears that the spammer’s site has a link to mine, but it doesn’t; it’s just a trap to get me to go to their site. I’ve seen with a variety of low life spam sites, but I was surprised to see it come from John Kerry’s campaign blog: [url=][/url] .

Now, I know that sometimes a web browser can mistakently send a bad referrer, but this happened a half-dozen times a day for a couple of days. So I went to the Kerry blog to see if there was a real link there (although I would think I’d be the last person they’d link to), but no link. My only conclusion is that I was referrer-spammed. Yeah, that’ll get me to change my vote to you Kerry.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli