Jim Caviezel on Rush Limbaugh

Jim Caviezel on Rush Limbaugh

Jim Caviezel, who plays Jesus in The Passion, is on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show as I write this and it’s an inspiring interview (although Caviezel sounds like he’s been up all night.) It’s a lot of the same stuff we’ve heard him say in other interviews, although he makes one point that I thought was great.

Rush asked him if he felt vindicated now that the movie is so popular and so many critics are backtracking. Caviezel responded that he “doesn’t feel like it’s any of my business what people think of me.” That is so great. It’s not just that I don’t care, but that it’s none of my business. Whose business is it? God’s and the person who voices the opinion. But for us, we should not be concerned with what others think, as long as we do what is right. Would that I could be that detached from the world. Would that more of us could be.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli