Jackson shakes down NASCAR?

Jackson shakes down NASCAR?

I never heard of this. Jesse Jackson has shaken down NASCAR, getting the fastest-growing sport in the US to donate money to his Rainbow PUSH organization, specifically something called Rainbow Sports. Jackson’s minions say the association is an attempt to make NASCAR more “diverse” which means to bring affirmative action to racing. That’s ridiculous. No one is prevented from racing; NASCAR is the most open sport out there. The current teams don’t have to vote to allow in more teams like all the other major sports. If you can field a competitive team and a competitive driver you can compete.

If Jackson is worried about diversity, maybe we should have affirmative action for white guys in the NBA or the NFL or Major League baseball.

I agree with the group that wants NASCAR to cut its ties with Jackson. NASCAR is red, white, and blue, conservative, Middle America. Jackson is an anti-American, divisive, anti-Semitic, race-baiter. They don’t go together.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli